Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exciting count down!

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I cannot believe this year is coming to an end! Only 8 days 21 hours until Christmas!!!
But most importantly.....I'm going HOME int 5 DAYS!
I am so excited since I did not celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong with family for the last two years. I cannot wait to see all my family and loved ones. 4 months is wayyyyy to long. I am really homesick. :(

Also I cannot wait to show you guys tonnes of pictures of food, love, culture of my Hometown. So starting next week I will be doing a series of blogpost about Hong Kong, some outfits of the days, food that I love, and of course HAULS! Let me know what you wanna to see.

While I really do miss some authentic home food (the list will literally be never-ending), I will try my very best not to overindulge. My goal is to make the time to workout every morning, and eat whatever I think that's worth the splurge and avoid the others to the best of my ability. :)

Planning for a festive nail post tomorrow :)
Hope you have a lovely day.

Tip of the day: Make a to-do list the week before you travel.(esp long trips like mine) I find that this really helps me out a lot. Since I usually leave right after I finished my exams, my brain do not have space to occupy all the "to-dos".


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