Saturday, December 10, 2011

Turkey burger in a bowl?!!!

Hi guys, hope you are having a fantastic saturday!
 What are your plans today? Me, I will probably be staying in and study for exams

Last nights' dinner: Turkey burger in a bowl It's the remaining halve of Stuffed Acorn Squash that I made on wednesday, served with some garlickyyyy kale.
Absolutely DE-lishhhh :)
I just couldn't help it and had a bite, sorry guys. ;)

Perfect little bowl right there. I ate the skin too!

All credits to the amazing Chef John. This is sooo delicious

 Here's how I modified the recipe:

1.I used lean ground turkey and marinated the meat with what i usually use for my turkey burger: mrs dash extra spicy seasoning, salt and pepper, cayenne, and cumin.
2.Used less rice and more meat for protein, and egg whites instead of whole egg.
3. Almond flour instead of bread crumbs

Gonna get some turbofire going and make some breakfast. :) See ya later in my first fashion/ beauty related post! This is only my second posts. hahaha oh well. Really hope you will enjoy my posts

Tip of the day:
It's really difficult to halve/cut an acorn squash since the skin is pretty tough. My tip for you is to use a sharp knife, cut off a small piece of skin until you see the flesh, then prick the squash with a fork to make little holes. Pop it into the microwave (hole-side up) for 2-3 minutes, this will soften the squash slightly so it's  easier to cut. Let it cool down a bit and cut it to halves. :)


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